Your Biskra House Team.


Beth Fortune and Peter Kim, Owners

Beth and Peter are a married couple who live in Santa Monica, CA, and get to the desert as often as the calendar allows. Beth is a designer who has worked in various creative fields. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from UCLA as a direct result of her experience renovating the Biskra House, a creative endeavor that she became quite proud of after she stopped crying. You can read some of her highly subjective opinions about things to do in the Rancho Mirage area on our blog.

Peter is a professor at University of Southern California. He lends his enthusiasm for quality electronics as well as his good sense to the business. For the outdoor pool speakers, you can thank him.


Eva Whitney, House Manager

Eva Whitney brings her considerable housekeeping, organizational and management talents to the Biskra House as manager. A Palm Desert resident, she is the one to ask about local hiking trails and golf courses. A former advertising professional, Eva’s great experience with her first season of managing the Biskra House lead to the launch of Vacation Rental Home and Guest, a support service for owner-managed properties in the Coachella Valley. Former guests can vouch for her excellent baking skills, for recipes and great cleaning tips check out her blog.